Splashmetrics Onboarding

Welcome to your onboarding portal!

The onboarding process is managed by your customer success specialist (or “LifeGuard” as we call it). You will follow these general steps:

  1. Onboarding Form
    • Fill in the form linked below and with that information we will set up and enable your account.
    • In addition to the account information, you will provide the contact info for your core team members who will be involved with this onboarding process.
  2. Onboarding Scheduling
    • Once your account is enabled, your LifeGuard will reach out to schedule the first onboarding session.
    • The LifeGuard will let you know who should attend each of the meetings listed below.
  3. Onboarding Sessions (Time required depends on your selected package. Your LifeGuard will help tailor the sessions to your needs.)
    • Orientation and Planning Assistance Session (Executive Lead, Marketing Lead, Sales Lead, Ops Lead)
      • We will walk you through a full overview of the platform, the content, the integrations, etc. This will be its own session
      • Review of existing/previous efforts and outcomes (e.g. – sales/marketing model, historical metrics, problem areas, desired areas of improvement, etc.)
      • Based on the above, we create your first Splash plan based on industry best-practices and our previous experience with other like customers.
      • Splash plan preliminary review
      • Splash plan full review (including executive sponsor)
    • Pre-Launch Ops and Content Execution Session (Marketing Lead, Sales Lead, Ops Lead, Content Lead)
      • Integrations with MA/CRM platforms (Ops lead)
        • Required tasks in these platforms based on plan
      • Content execution and integration (Content lead)
    • Post-Launch Sales Data and Analytics Deep-Dive (Executive Lead, Marketing Lead, Sales Lead, Ops Lead)
      • Full team run-through of all CRM-fed Buyer Data
      • Full team run-through of Splashmetrics 360° Analytics
  4. Ongoing check-ins as needed.
  5. Custom training sessions are available.

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Our onboarding process is very simple and straightforward. You provide us the needed information via our form above – and we set up your account and provide each user their login credentials. Then, in addition to the Onboarding Sessions listed above, we also provide wealth of helpful information via our LifeRing Help Center, with step-by-step walkthroughs and videos.


The self-serve sales success of your business is our sole focus. Therefore, we’ve provided multiple ways to assist you in your efforts. First, in addition to abundant in-app help, we’ve built the LifeRing Help Center, which has an extensive repository of helpful articles and videos covering best-practices, tips for optimally leveraging the platform, etc. And we also provide both ticketing and chat assistance to ensure that you get the answers you need to succeed.


Per page 1 of our SaaS Agreement, we can provide separate professional services to our customers as needed through our affiliate ecosystem. Self-serve Selling Strategies, RevOps consulting, and sales enablement training services are available from our affiliated industry-leading experts. Custom Smart Content design, execution, and integration services can also be provided by our award-winning content affiliates. Just let us know what you need and we’ll put together a custom services bundle and quote for you!

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