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Below are an assortment of free Tools and Demos that will help you and your teams fully leverage the power of Splashmetrics.

Flow Planner Demo

According to studies, B2B Buyers are typically going to give you no more than 5 content touches before making their purchase decision. Coincidentally, most marketing and sales models map the customer lifecycle to 5 stages – from initial engagement to won customer.

So in this planner, you simply move through each of those 5 lifecycle stages and fully shape those 5 critical content interactions you will have with your Buyers. We even provide best-practice advice at every step!

Then with the strategic information and critical guidance from this flow plan, your tactical marketing, sales, and content teams, regardless of what MA/CRM/CMS platforms they are using, can build far more intelligent full-funnel journeys for your Buyers – thereby increasing yoursales and ROI.


Stay tuned! We will be launching additional free tools and demos soon!