Buyer Journey Flow Planner

Buyer Journey Flow Planner
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In each section, enter your information in the fields as shown then use the "Next" button to proceed. You can move back using the "Previous" button. When completed, we'll email your custom "Splash" plan to you. Be advised, if you refresh the page it will reset the planner and you will lose your information.

Best-Practice Tip

This process can sometimes seem overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch. So to help you along we’ve added notes and prompt text to every field in the Flow. They include various stage-specific qualification and content experience "templates" from past smart content initiatives which proved successful for our customers. We've also added a unique "Buyer Perspective" voice to illustrate the typical reactions and expectations a Buyer has in each of these 5 stages. This is critical because if you only think and plan operationally, you're forgetting the Buyer. And that's exactly the problem we're solving.

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