RevOps Professional

$34,000.00 / year

Annual Subscription

This package includes the following full-featured components…

Splashmetrics Professional

  • 20 Platform Users included
  • Manage/Analyze/Dashboard components
  • Multiple Launched Splashes
  • SplashLogicAI integrations*
  • Enterprise Multi-Tier Planning/Analytics
  • Draft of our SaaS agreement
$20,000.00 / year

Add-on: Multi-Tier Planning and Analytics

  • This is an annual subscription
  • Amount will be added to the annual subscription price for your package
$6,000.00 / year


  • Unlimited Users
  • 15 Asset Sites* included
  • 2 ready-built smart content templates
  • Integration with Splashmetrics*
  • Integration with leading MA/CRM platforms*
$4,500.00 / year

SmartStack Hosting Professional

  • 1 Domain
  • Up to 15 Asset Sites*
  • Ongoing asset maintenance and management
  • Ongoing server security, maintenance, and management
$3,500.00 / year



This annual subscription is our advanced bundle for enterprise businesses that want to increase revenue and ROI. As you can see above, it includes our Splashmetrics Buyer Journey Intelligence platform with Enterprise Multi-Tier Planning/Analytics, a full SplashMaker+MA/CRM smart content package that will integrate with Splashmetrics and most leading MA/CRM platforms, and fully managed hosting for those SplashMaker assets. It’s everything you need to power-up the last-mile of your Buyer Journey.

Don’t see exactly what you need in our standard bundles? Give us a shout and we’ll put together a custom solution for you!