RevOps Intelligence+SplashMaker PRO

$31,200.00 / year

RevOps Intelligence

  • 10 RevOps Users
  • AI-Assisted Strategic Planning
  • Multi-Tier Planning & Analytics
  • SplashLogicAI*
  • 2 Launched Splashes
  • Smart Content Analytics & Reports

SplashMaker AI Content + Hosting

  • 20 Weblets* included
  • Dynamic AI content experiences
  • Can be used for multiple content types
  • Advanced RippleWidgets
  • Integration with leading MA/CRM platforms*
  • Integration with Splashmetrics via SplashLogicAI*
  • SmartStack Pro* managed hosting included
  • Content Management Dashboard
  • Your own custom sub-domain



This subscription provides the features, components, licenses, and limits listed above…

*SplashLogicAI allows content creators to easily connect your smart content assets to both the Manage and Analyze components of Splashmetrics for automated strategic alignment and full measurement and reporting. It also allows one-click integration with your MA/CRM platforms via our SplashMaker+ smart content for invaluable Buyer-direct sales data. Please note that this SplashMaker+ package does not include licenses for these third-party MA/CRM platforms. It simply provides the easy integration into them if you’re already using them. Those platform licenses have to be purchased separately.

*”Weblets” are individual WordPress installs for SmartContent Experiences that contain multiple Dynamic Content pages.If you need more Weblets than what’s included, you may add additional activation bundles by going here.

*SmartStack Pro Hosting is our professional-level managed hosting services for your SplashMaker content. Your SplashMaker Weblet(s) reside on our managed Smart Content Server, but at the sub-domain of your choice – e.g. Your hosting plan includes the following:

  • 2 GB of Disk Space
  • 1o GB of Traffic
  • Ongoing server-level security and maintenance
  • Your Weblet(s) are monitored, updated, and backed-up