Splashmetrics PLUS – Monthly

$0.00 one time, and
$950.00 / month

Annual Subscription (paid monthly)

This package includes the following full-featured components…

SplashMaker+Premium10 - Monthly

  • 10 Weblets* included
  • Dynamic AI content experiences
  • Can be used for multiple content types
  • Advanced RippleWidgets
  • Integration with leading MA/CRM platforms*
  • Integration with Splashmetrics via SplashLogicAI*
  • SmartStack Pro* managed hosting included
$500.00 / month

RevOps Intelligence PLUS - Monthly

  • 3 RevOps Users
  • AI-Assisted Strategic Planning
  • 1 Launched Splash
  • SplashLogicAI
  • Smart Content Analytics & Reports
$450.00 / month

Onboarding - Level 1

  • 2-Hour Orientation and Planning Assistance Session
  • 2-Hour Pre-Launch Ops and Content Execution Session
  • 1-Hour Post-Launch Sales Data and Analytics Deep-Dive
  • 1-Hour Catch-All Session
  • More details below...



*Select the new tab icon beside each individual product name above for more details.

This annual subscription is our more advanced package for mid-sized businesses that want to increase revenue and ROI. As you can see above, it includes our Splashmetrics RevOps Intelligence platform, a full SplashMaker+ smart content package that will integrate with Splashmetrics and most leading MA/CRM platforms – and fully managed hosting for those SplashMaker assets. It’s everything you need to power-up the last-mile of your Buyer Journey.

Don’t see exactly what you need in our standard bundles? Give us a shout and we’ll put together a custom solution for you!

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