SmartStack Hosting Pro 10

$1,200.00 / year

  • 10 Weblets*
  • On the domain
  • 10 GB/month Traffic
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • Ongoing asset maintenance and management
  • Ongoing server security, maintenance, and management



This annual subscription (paid monthly) is for our advanced managed hosting services for your SplashMaker content, and is priced at $10/Weblet/month, with the specifications shown above.

Your SplashMaker Weblets reside on our meaning there are no IT resources required on your end.

You manage ALL your Weblets from a single dashboard, while server-level security and maintenance are managed for you.

With this package, we also perform ongoing maintenance, updates, backups, etc. for your Weblets. You and your teams just focus on your smart content and we do the rest.

*You can add more weblets as needed as long as you stay within the specified resource limits above. If you need more resources, just let us know and we can set up a custom solution for you.