Splashmetrics Starter – Monthly

$450.00 / month

  • 3 Platform Users included
  • Manage/Analyze/Dashboard components
  • 1 Launched Splash
  • SplashLogicAI integrations*
  • Draft of our SaaS agreement


This subscription provides automated intelligence for end-to-end RevOps alignment and orchestration. It includes our SplashLogicAI which integrates directly with SplashMaker to provide AI-assisted content execution, integration, and measurement pulling directly from your Splash plan. This ensures full strategic alignment and reduces content creation costs. It also includes revolutionary Smart Content Analytics & Reports to measure the deep Buyer engagements and interactions in your smart content – data that is not available in today’s standard static content types.

Don’t see exactly what you need in our standard package? Give us a shout and we’ll put together a custom solution for you!

*Allows content creators to easily connect your smart content assets to the Analyze component of Splashmetrics for full measurement and reporting – as well as to your MA/CRM platforms when using our SplashMaker+ smart content.

Important! Before you purchase, please review this draft of our SaaS agreement.

Once you have completed your purchase and we have received payment, we will forward a final version of this agreement with your specific information for signature. We will then commence the onboarding process with you and your team.