3 – Splashmetrics Professional

$24,000.00 / year

  • 10 user accounts included
  • Manage/Analyze/Dashboard components
  • Multiple Launched Splashes
  • Ripple integrations
  • Enterprise Multi-Tier Planning/Analytics
  • Draft of our SaaS agreement
  • More details below…


This annual subscription is our package for enterprise businesses and includes the following:

-Starts With 10 Users*

-Manage Component

-Analyze Component

-Dashboards Component

-Multiple Launched Splashes

-Ripple Integrations

-Enterprise Multi-Tier Planning/Analytics

-LifeRing Premium Support

*Remember, you can easily add users at any time – or let us build you a custom enterprise solution if needed. Just give us a shout.

Important! Before you purchase, please review this draft of our SaaS agreement.


As shown, you can immediately purchase our products directly from our site. However, we know that doesn’t work for many businesses due to their procurement processes – or you may just want a custom solution. For those businesses, just reach out via the chat icon and our sales team can provide a quote for your procurement team and handle the agreement directly with you. Then you can come back here and finalize the purchase.


Once you have completed your purchase and we have received payment, we will forward a final version of this agreement with your specific information for signature. We will then commence the onboarding process with you and your team.

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