Splashmetrics Pro

$21,000.00 / year

  • 10 RevOps Users included
  • Manage/Analyze/Dashboard components
  • 2 Launched Splashes
  • SplashLogicAI integrations*
  • Enterprise Multi-Tier Planning/Analytics
  • Draft of our SaaS agreement


This subscription provides automated intelligence for end-to-end RevOps alignment and orchestration. It includes our SplashLogicAI which integrates directly with SplashMaker to provide AI-assisted content execution, integration, and measurement pulling directly from your Splash plan. This ensures full strategic alignment and reduces content creation costs. It also includes revolutionary Smart Content Analytics & Reports to measure the deep Buyer engagements and interactions in your smart content – data that is not available in today’s standard static content types.

It also adds our revolutionary Multi-Tier Planning/Analytics. This component automates and appropriately customizes both the planning data (KPIs, benchmarks, quotas, etc.) and the analytics reports for each division and department. It also allows these downstream teams to customize the plan to their specific needs without losing any of the overarching strategy (i.e. – always a single source of truth). This way all stakeholders at every level of the company know exactly what to do to meet the overall objectives of the initiative – while you have CMO-level analytics clearly measuring those efforts across the entire enterprise.

Our standard Professional package allows up to 2 Divisions with 2 Departments under each. If you need more than that, please let us know. We can customize your account to your needs for an additional fee per Division/Department.

Don’t see exactly what you need in our standard package? Give us a shout and we’ll put together a custom solution for you!

*Allows content creators to easily connect your smart content assets to the Analyze component of Splashmetrics for full measurement and reporting – as well as to your MA/CRM platforms when using our SplashMaker+ smart content.

Important! Before you purchase, please review this draft of our SaaS agreement.

Once you have completed your purchase and we have received payment, we will forward a final version of this agreement with your specific information for signature. We will then commence the onboarding process with you and your team.

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