$2,400.00 / year

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  • Package includes up to 10 Asset Sites*
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This annual subscription package provides all the tools of SplashMaker+Splashmetrics, but also adds the +HubSpot Platform Integration suite. This powerful integration allows you to map the SplashMaker Personalization Form fields directly into HubSpot via an OAuth connection. But it also allows you to automatically map and populate custom fields in HubSpot for Buyer interaction data from within the SmartContent.

Finally, it provides an auto-generated “SmartLink” URL to the SmartContent asset, complete with HubSpot personalization tokens. Use this SmartLink within HubSpot for CTA buttons and text links in emails, landing pages, etc. to send known contacts directly to the asset with full personalization – but without having to deal with a form. It’s perfect for ABM!

Greatly reduce the amount of time and cost put into the coordination and manual efforts of these kinds of MA/CRM integrations.

The toolset includes:

-Personalization Form

-Dynamic Content

-Latest SmartDoc and SmartApp Content Themes

-Platform Integration



-Smart CTAs

-Integration Scripts

-LifeRing Premium Support


*NOTE: ”Asset Sites” are individual WordPress installs for various Smart Content Experiences. An Asset Site will have a specific URL endpoint, perhaps to distinguish a product/campaign/content-type/vertical/etc. (e.g. – smartcontent.xyz.com/endpoint1). These installs can then contain multiple Dynamic Content pages for different versions of that experience for different Buyers.

This package will allow for TWO full-funnel, fully-customized, 5-stage Buyer Journeys with a custom Asset Site in each stage. It’s perfect for A/B Testing your initiatives!

If you need more than 10 Asset Sites, you may add additional activation bundles in your cart prior to checkout (or by clicking here).