$1,500.00 / year

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  • This is an annual subscription.
  • After first year standard rates will apply
  • After first year you may change to monthly billing (via your account page)
  • Package includes up to 5 Asset Sites*
  • More details below…


This annual subscription package provides all the basic tools of SplashMaker, but also adds the +Splashmetrics Platform Integration suite. This powerful, time-saving integration automates much of the setup of the various asset items (forms, scripts, pages, etc.) by leveraging the SplashLogic Specification you (the content creator) receive from a Splashmetrics customer.

With one click – most of this work is done for you!

The package includes:

-Personalization Form

-Dynamic Content

-Latest SmartDoc and SmartApp Content Themes

-Platform Integration


-Smart CTAs

-Integration Scripts

-LifeRing Premium Support


*NOTE: ”Asset Sites” are individual WordPress installs for various Smart Content Experiences. An Asset Site will have a specific URL endpoint, perhaps to distinguish a product/campaign/content-type/vertical/etc. (e.g. – smartcontent.xyz.com/endpoint1). These installs can then contain multiple Dynamic Content pages for different versions of that experience for different Buyers.

This package will allow for a full-funnel, fully-customized, 5-stage Buyer Journey with a custom Asset Site in each stage.

If you need more than 5 Asset Sites, you may add additional activation bundles in your cart prior to checkout (or by clicking here).