SplashMaker Starter – Monthly

$25.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

  • You will not be charged until the end of your free trial
  • 1 Weblet*
  • Dynamic AI content experiences
  • Can be used for multiple content types
  • *SmartStack Basic* hosting included


This product includes a 30-day free trial. Though you will enter your payment information, you will not be charged until the end of your trial period. If you wish to cancel, you can easily do so via your account page on this site.

This subscription provides the following…

AI-Driven Content

Instead of traditional static PDFs for your eBooks, Case Studies, White Papers, Data Sheets, etc. – imagine fully-responsive digital versions that automatically customize the content experience to each and every Buyer via our revolutionary Dynamic AI. That’s what SplashMaker does – for about the same cost as those outmoded PDFs you’re using now!

This package provides 2 themes of a fully-responsive SmartDoc that is already set up and ready for you to edit – with modern CSS animations, interactions, and much more. Just swap out copy, images, colors, videos, etc. and make it your own. There’s no coding required!

You can also take the design even further with your own favorite WordPress plugins, widgets, etc. to make your Content Experiences like nothing else on the market. The sky’s the limit!

*SmartStack Basic Hosting

This is our basic managed hosting services for your SplashMaker content.

Your SplashMaker Weblet(s) reside on our splashmetrics.io meaning there are no IT resources required on your end.

Your hosting plan includes the following:

  • 80 MB of Disk Space
  • 1 GB of Traffic
  • Ongoing server-level security and maintenance
  • You are responsible for managing your Weblet(s)

*”Weblets” are individual WordPress installs for SmartContent Experiences that contain multiple Dynamic Content pages.If you need more Weblets than what’s included, you may add additional activation bundles by going here.

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