SmartDoc+ Theme


  • This is a one-time purchase (not a subscription)
  • Can be installed on 1 Asset Site* (with “unlimited” Dynamic Content pages/versions)
  • Can be used for multiple content types
  • 2 ready-built smart content templates


Instead of telling you about how incredible our SmartDoc Basic Themes are…

Click here to find out for yourself. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your own personalized smart eBook to see what all the fuss is about.

If you’d rather stay here and read – that’s fine too…

Instead of traditional PDFs for your eBooks, Case Studies, White Papers, Data Sheets, etc. – imagine dynamically-customizing and fully-responsive digital versions that automatically personalize to each and every Buyer. Yet, those Buyers can still save that personalized document to a traditional PDF – it’s just a completely bespoke version that only they will have. Now that’s powerful! That’s SplashMaker SmartDocs.

The SmartDoc Theme package for WordPress provides 2 distinct versions of a fully-responsive SmartDoc that is already set up to do all of the above and is ready for you to edit and make your own. For example, the extremely light-yet-powerful theme package provides all the needed free plugins for the content as shown (including the SplashMaker Basic plugin). We’ve even set up and formatted the print feature for you so that the end-user can print or save their custom SmartDoc as a PDF!

So, with the SmartDoc Theme you can quickly – and affordably – create dynamically customizing eBooks, Case Studies, White Papers, Data Sheets and much, much more. All for what you would likely pay for outmoded static PDFs!

But – you can also take the design even further with other favorite WordPress plugins, widgets, etc. to make your Buyer Content Experiences like nothing else on the market. The sky’s the limit!

*Asset Sites are individual WordPress installs for SmartContent Experiences that contain multiple Dynamic Content pages.If you need more Asset Sites than what’s included, you may add additional activation bundles in your cart prior to checkout.

*Please note that our SplashMaker+ packages already come with this SmartDoc Theme built in. So if you purchase a SplashMaker+ product, you don’t need to purchase a SmartDoc Basic Theme.

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