+MA/CRM Integration


  • This amount will be added to your existing SplashMaker+Splashmetrics subscription
  • Bundle includes 1 MA/CRM integration add-on plugin
  • You may only have 1 such add-on per package
  • See important note below regarding your existing license key
  • More details below…


If you already have the SplashMaker+Splashmetrics package, this add-on will provide additional MA/CRM integration with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, or Zapier.

You will receive a new license key with your order. When you re-activate your existing SplashMaker+Splashmetrics package with this key, you will then have the ability to download your selected integration.

As you can see, the price of this integration is the difference between the cost of the +Splashmetrics package and the +Splashmetrics+MA/CRM package – and will be added to your annual subscription billing for your current package.

You can install this add-on to any and all asset sites you have activated under your current package subscription.

IMPORTANT! Please add the Package License Key for your existing SplashMaker+Splashmetrics package in the “Additional information” section of your checkout page. We need that key to apply this credit to the correct package/account – and to set up your SmartToken account to allow for connection with your selected platform. You won’t be able to connect without this SmartToken!


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